Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/ass slap combo omg

Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass so hard that the guy actually had to rub himself a little while John waves his hand

Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass 

Think about it though.. if this wasn’t preplanned, and John just improvised and did this, or it was another Royal Family, he probably would of been in prison right now for abusing a member of the royal family physically and sexually.. Welcome to Britain where our Royal Family have a sense of humour.

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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It’s actually impossible to measure how many fucks a corvid give because there is no device sensitive enough to register such a tiny amount.

science/animal side of tumblr… explain to me the birb thing

Tail Pulling is a behavior noted in many corvids. The practical application is to create a distraction that will allow the birb to make off with the target’s food. Imagine being in the lunch room and a large fellow has a Twinkie you covet. You can’t just take it from him because he’ll defend his Twinkie. But if you thwap him on the back of his neck and then dash around to snag the Twinkie while he investigates, you stand a decent chance of enjoying spongey goodness. This is basically that in birb form.

Except corvids don’t only do this as a distraction. Sometimes they seem to just being doing it to mess with other animals/birbs. But to use my lunch room analogy, there are times you might thwap someone sneakily on the back of the neck just for amusement. Primates exhibit behavior that appears to be just be annoying other animals for amusement. Given how intelligent crows are, its not unlikely that this is a manifestation of an innate desire to just fuck with someone else for the fun of it. Such as this from the link above:



This speaks to me on a molecular level.

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Luvdisc: I love your blog
Alomomola: I love you platonically
Jynx: I love you romantically
Smoochum: I want to kiss you
Swablu: I want to hug you
Nidoqueen: I want to date you
Nidoking: I want to battle you
Ninetales: You’re beautiful
Wooper: You make me smile
Alakazam: You’re really smart
Plusle: You’re an amazing friend
Minun: I wish I was your friend
Lopunny: You’re sexy
Scolipede: I don't like you
Smeargle: I love your art
Unown: I love your writing
Meloetta: I love your music
Cubchoo: You’re gross
Swirlix: You’re really sweet
Eevee: You’re one of my favourite people
Sylveon: You’re my best friend
Arceus: I worship you
Togekiss: I think you’re a great optimist
Phantump: I think you’re a great pessimist
Pichu: You’re really cute
Shaymin: I am grateful to know you
Metagross: I want to get to know you more
Dwebble: I wish I could talk to you but am too shy
Darkrai: You’re my worst nightmare
Exploud: You scare me
Bibarel: You’re silly
Audino: You make me blush
Absol: Your blog is a disaster
Slowking: You’re wise
Zoroark: You should post more pictures of yourself
Porygon: You should post more
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UGH NO KIDDING I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT’S GOING ON THE PS3……………….. I MEAN I guess I do but seriously give some love to the new system uGH.

EXACTLY every single new next gen game is also coming to prev gen too! It’s like, how do you expect people to buy your system when you’re not even giving them reason to? ;w;

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UGH YEAH. See none of my friends have either an X1 or PS4 LOL… So went with the 4 really just in hopes of the JRPGs that could come out for it… I agree thOUGH. I hope more come out for it, and soon D:

Fair do’s man! I only have both because I’m a console hoarder, but ps4 is p much literally just for JRPGs! It hurts my soul to see that the next Tales of game is for ps3. Next gen needs some love in Japan. ;w;

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MAN DESTINY IS GREAT… I have it on my PS4 (I got the bundle over here, white PS4 with the game). Played a little and it’s beautiful. I’m hoping for more on the PS4 too though -n- Really lacking HHH;;;

AHH MAN I wish you had it on xbone, I’d totes play wit’ you! I mainly got it on xbone b/c I have a bazillion friends playing it on there and 1 friend on ps4 so logical choice really.

BUT I NEED ME SOME JAPANESE GAMES IN MY LIFE ;w; It’s all too American atm.

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Destiny is the sexiest fucking game ever. I’m not even kidding just Destiny has made my xbox one purchase 100% worth it.

… If only I could find a game on PS4 that would do the same. /Sighs at unused ps4 in the corner/

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xdestiny xxbox one xpls bring me some jrpgs on ps4 xplsss


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